Simple Safety Coach

Behavior Based Safety Management Software...And More!

Accident Reports / Safety Observations
Training / Audits & Inspections
Mobile App / Electronic File Cabinet
Automated Engagement Reward Program

Generate organizational value through incident reduction, increased productivity, and more efficient safety processes.

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Value across multiple business domains

We have assembled the most important capabilities you will need to manage a 360° view of safety operations effectively, and without frustration. Experience our clean, intuitive interface.

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Manage Incidents and Safety Observations

Must haves for any Safety Software!

Manage Safety Observations (near misses) and Accidents from creation, through investigation, remediation, and verification.

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Easily Create Safety Programs

Tailored to professionals without formal Occupational Health & Safety training, our wizard guides you through the creation of your safety program.

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Everything you need for OSHA

Reduce your compliance paperwork burden by letting Simple Safety Coach create 301 reports, 300 logs, 300A reports, and automatically update the OSHA Injury Tracking Application with the click of a button.

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