Simple Safety Coach Features

Accident & Safety Observation Reporting/Viewing

Capture Accidents and Safety Observations (Unsafe Conditions, Near Misses, Safety Excellence) right when they happen by distributing the power of reporting to your staff through the Simple Safety Coach mobile application.

Enter a few pieces of key information, optionally attach photos, and have the Accident or Safety Observation in the hands of the Safety Manager within seconds.

Store Safety Data Sheets on your mobile device for fast access with or without a network or cellular connection.


  • Search for Accidents and Safety Observations by site and date range.
  • See how many engagement points you have, and how you earned them.
  • View and download files from the Electronic File Cabinet.
  • Perform audits and inspections.
  • Exchange secure messages.
  • Scan QR codes or search by name to retrieve an employee's training history.

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