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What Is Simple Safety Coach?

Web easiest safety observations and accident reporting

Simple Safety Coach provides cloud-based software that makes your workplace safer, increases OSHA compliance, and improves the operational efficiency of safety management.

Both industry data and our experience tell us that most people tasked with administering the safety operations of a company do not have any formal training, and may not even have any prior experience in this spece. Everything we've done in Simple Safety Coach has been with an eye toward the capable, yet untrained, professional.

Our objective is not to just give you tools to sink or swim with, but to provide you with tools that allow you to grow your understanding of Industrial Safety and Health best practices, compliance issues, and....your own organization. We believe this is the best way to achieve everyone's goal of a safer workplace.

Additionally, we know that tools and properly tailored information still don't fill all of the gaps. You will likely need physical assistance with things like air sampling, mold testing and noise level monitoring, etc. It is also very likely that you will need help with things like chemical identification, procedural best practices, training and other expert services. Simple Safety Coach is designed to be a collaborative link between you a network of experienced Industrial Safety and Health consultants.

If a safe and healthy workplace is important to you, and if you care about productivity, customer deadlines, quality products, and employee retention, you need to contact us now!

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