Simple Safety Coach Features

Document Management With The Electronic Filing Cabinet

A common problem that we've observed, and well as received in feedback, has been the lack of consolidation in safety documentation. Some documents are in location A, some are in location B, and some are in "Bill's drawer".

We've introduced the Electronic File Cabinet within Simple Safety Coach so that you upload and manage all of your safety documents in one location.

We've included the following features:

  • Create as many folders as you need.
  • Each folder can include a description that viewers can see by hovering over an informational icon.
  • Upload as many files as you need.
  • Each folder can include a description as well as any additional keywords you would like to have associated to the file.
  • You can do partial matching searches which will look through the filename, description and keywords for matches.
  • Assign one set of permissions to manage the files, and another to view and download.
  • Restrict access based upon each users assigned role.
  • All uploaded files stored with state-of-the-art encryption.

Document management with the electronic file cabinet

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