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Safety Observation Reporting

Safety observation report

Safety Observations: Both Praise and Prevention

Simple Safety Coach provides the ability to praise fellow employees or report unsafe conditions. But you can't report what you don't observe.

  • The 'front office' may only be aware of about 4% of the preventable unsafe conditions in the workplace, which is why they see safety as costing money.
  • Due to most Safety Managers spending 50% or more of their time isolated in the office on paperwork, they only see about 41% of the preventable unsafe conditions. When you add in training, and orientations, etc. it is impressive there is time to observe that much.
  • Frontline employees see 100% of unsafe conditions, usually well before they cause a near miss or real accident, and they often have thought up a solution.

Remove Barriers to Employee Reporting

Simple Safety Coach helps you harness employees' knowledge by providing a Safety Observation app that employees can access on their cell phone, the breakroom computer, dedicated work area tablets, on their home computer...anywhere, anytime.

  • It takes 30 seconds to report a Safety Observation (SO) by cell phone, including multiple pictures.
  • No paperwork, the SO goes up on the Current Issues dashboard for awareness, and the Safety Manager receives a notification.
  • The reporter can follow the investigation or participate in it.
It is harder to post a picture of the grandkids on Facebook than it is to complete a Safety Observation including pictures.

Easily Create Leading Indicators

The ability to see their report effects change, and giving or receiving praise demonstrates respect. When employees feel respected and cared about, retention of good workers increases.

Preventing the cost of employee turnover is included in our SO's Return on Safety Investments calculation. This feature uses the language of business to prove Safety is an asset to the business. With Simple Safety Coach's transparency, KPI, graphs, automatic tracking, etc. it is now possible to include Safety in the business strategy.

Action Driven Safety

Because data has multiple uses, Simple Safety Coach sends the data to forms and graphs and manages a LOT of the paperwork. Your Safety Manager is no longer isolated and buried by paper. He or she can easily oversee delegated tasks. Finite, specific tasks generate more volunteers than a Safety Committee commitment. It also gives employees ownership creating a sustainable, structured Safety Culture. You can do so much more with much less effort!

If a safe and healthy workplace is important to you, and if you care about productivity, customer deadlines, quality products, and employee retention, you need to contact us now!

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