Simple Safety Coach Features

Safety Observation Reporting

Safety observation report

Some like to refer to these as "near miss" reports. We believe that term is too narrow in scope, and "misses" additional opportunities to improve workplace safety. Safety Observations exist not just where something bad almost happened, but also can prevent something bad from happening before a close encounter. We give the entire organization the ability to make these conditions known and visible, as well as the satisfaction of seeing the organizational response and resolution.

Additionally, Safety Observations can be praises! Use this feature to allow your employees to recognize a situation is being handled safely and is worth of praise.

  • Collect all safety observation information in one place.
  • Attach images and any other documents you want associated with the.
  • E-mail notifications of creation of and any updates to everyone associated to the observation.
  • Collect Return on Investment information tracking the cost of not addressing the condition vs. the cost of remediation.
  • Track the corrective action and assign someone to verify the results.
  • Ability to create an ""Anonymous" Safety Observation Report to protect against reprisal concerns.
  • Provide your own name for Safety Observation to match your internal safety programs.

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