Simple Safety Coach Features

Training & Certification Management

Track safety training and certifications

We give you the tools you need to manage training in the standards that apply to your organization. This can either be training in the programs created using one of our Wizards, or training sessions that you create yourself.

  • Track training needed for your subscribed Program Wizards.
  • Create your own training sessions and associated attendee list.
  • Set the recurring frequency required for the training session.
  • Upon completion of the current session, the next session is automatically created with a due date based upon the recurrence frequency.
  • Assign staff to training by job title.
  • Create one-time training sessions.
  • Greater flexibility now with the ability to start and resume training sessions.
  • Ability to add and remove individuals in addition to assignment by job title.
  • Manage employee certifications:
    • See expired and certifications with pending expirations.
    • Attach a certification image.
    • Lookup certification on mobile app by name search or QR code lookup.

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