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Safety Management System Features
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Activity-Based Permissions

Safety Management System Features

Organizational safety has a combination of information that is confidential in addition to information which can (and should) be made available to the rest of the organization to increase safety awareness. We didn't feel it valuable to try enforce a set of processes and roles that would need to be adopted by you. Instead we have created access to services based upon activity, which you can use as you you feel appropriate for your company.

  • Always have a Safety Manager role available for complete access.
  • Discrete access permissions for create, view and update functions.
  • Special recognition for those activities which could resonsably expose data considered SPII (Secure Personally Identifiable Information) or PHI (Personal Health Information).
  • Ability to create a role that only has permissions to see their own records.
  • Create a role for special access for your outside Safety Consultant to assist in your safety activities.

Odds and Ends

Other featurs of safety management software

By this time, you may have some additional questions that get a little more specific. We'll be happy to assist you with those, but also feel free to read below regarding some other things of note we think are noteworthy:

  • Manage your company, site(s), users, roles and subscriptions through the Administrative Console.
  • Ability to upload users for add, update and deactivation in Excel format.
  • Download all users, Unsafe Condition Reports and Accident Reports in Excel format.
  • Built on web services foundation ready to interface with just about any other system.
  • Has it's own secure messaging.
  • Create your own ad-hoc project area that you can upload and download files to/from.
  • Create and organize a Video Library that your employees can watch from their browser or mobile device.

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